My Fhain. Falafel restaurant “Casablanca”

I live in Friedrichshain and decided to start a series of articles about what to eat, see and do in this area. I have to mention that I don’t eat meat but I’m eating fish. So I’m paying a lot of attention if the place is vegetarian-friendly or not. 

My first review will be about falafel restaurant “Casablanca“. It’s located on the famous by punks and freaks Rigaer str., so this place worth visiting just to see the street and it’s extravagant inhabitants.


If you don’t have enough time and would like to grab something for lunch – it’s a good place. They have different menu options: food in bread like a sandwich, on the plate or cold snacks. So, basically, it’s all the same but served differently.

I’ve ordered a falafel plate and got a decent portion of falafel with hummus, rice, couscous, salad and different dips.

Casablanca food
Falafel was very good, fresh and super soft. Hummus was okay, not the best that I have tried but good. Salad and all other side dishes – good! The service was fast and efficient. The average price – from 5 to 8 EUR, which is quite standard for the lunch.


I would recommend this place for a quick lunch. There are a lot of vegetarian options. The service is fast and it is cheap.


Rigaer Str. 25
10247 Berlin






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