Prenzlauer Berg. “Pizza Zia Maria”

True Italian Pizza Week in Berlin! It’s a good reason to explore more pizza places in the city. Today’s choice – Pizza Zia Maria. This place has a very hight rating on Foursquare (I ALWAYS check it) – 9.0 out of 10, so I had quite a high expectation.

ZiaMaria building

They don’t serve pizzas in a traditional way, but by slices. On the one hand – it’s a plus – you can taste different options. On the other hand – it’s difficult to measure how small/big will it be. We have ordered 3 slices – it’s a bit less than a traditional pizza. Be prepared, that it’s a suuuuper thin dough – so take more 🙂 We’ve got one with tuna (Tonno), one with anchovy (Napoli) and the last slice – with an aubergine (Parmigiana).

I would say, that Parmigiana was the best one from my perspective, Napoli was a bit too salty because of anchovy, and Tonno – as usual. What is special about this pizza (and why it has such a high rating) – is an extremely thin dough. It tastes interesting but left me with a slight hunger.


Good to try once, but I expected more. I’m not sure that I will go particularly to this place again. The service was quite fast. Price – a bit higher than standard.

Wi-Fi – no.
WC – yes.
Outdoor seating – yes.


Pappelallee 32a
10437 Berlin

Winsstr. 21
10405 berlin

12:00 – 23:30





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