Sports clothing Nordblanc

Skiing season is over, but anyway it’s not the last one, so I decided to review my snowboard outfit and share my feedback.


Actually, I have two snowboard outfits – one is basic and cheap Wed’ze and the second is more expensive and of a better quality – Nordblanc. Wed’ze – is a Decathlon’s brand. The main advantage – is a super affordable price. For less than 100 EUR you can get pants and jacket. The official web page says that all clothes designed in French Alps with a close collaboration with skiers and snowboarders. Well, they offer good quality for their price. After two skiing seasons, everything survived and I didn’t have any problems. But if compare to Nordblanc, Wed’ze is much less warm and not so thought-out: pockets, zippers and material are very different and with a lower quality.

So, here what I liked about Nordblanc:

  1. Colour 🙂
    Yeah, I know it’s not the most important thing that I could mention about winter sports clothing. But the colour is nicely bright and deep. By the way, it looks even better in real life than online. And it’s always easy to find me on slopes 🙂NB2
  2. Warmth.
    Normally I feel cold every single second during the winter and it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing T-Shirt or a sheep sweater. In Nordblanc’s jacket, I felt comfortable when it was windy and super cold (-16), although I was wearing my most warm sweater (but normally it’s not enough). And when it was a nice sunny weather – I was wearing only a thermal underwear and this jacket and it was HOT!NB3
  3. Comfort.
    The size is ideal – it fits perfectly and I felt comfortable while snowboarding. I was wearing a protection for my knees and there was enough space for knee pads as well.
  4. Functionality
    Every single fastener and pocket are useful and comfortable – either it’s a pocket for ski pass, mobile phone or goggles. An extended backside is helpful when you buckle boots seating on the snow.

    Good and comfortable clothing for a reasonable price.




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