Charlottenburg. Cafe Nibs

This cafe was recommended me a long time ago by my Spanish friend. She explained, that these guys serve a decent chocolate with true churros. Once we even went to Nibs with all my classmates from German courses. Giving the fact that the cafe is really tiny it was super cosy sitting all together and telling stories of our lives to each other.

In a warm weather, they have 2-3 tables outside, but I believe it’s always easy to find a place because Nibs is not so popular and crowded.


For 3.70 EUR you get two churros and a cup of hot chocolate. In my case, it lasts not a long time 🙂 The chocolate is moderately sweet and churros are soft and tasty. This place is really good for a very quick stop to take a rest and relax a bit if you are near Savignyplatz. They don’t have neither Wi-Fi or WC, so just enjoy the chocolate and your company if you are not alone 🙂


Good cafe, especially, if you are a big fan of a hot chocolate.


Bleibtreustraße 46
10623 Berlin
(very close to S-Savignyplatz)

Opening hours:

11:00 – 20:00 (weekdays)
13:00 – 19:00 (Sunday and holidays)






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