My Fhain. Organic Slow Fast Food J.Kinski

I immediately liked these guys when first saw their cafe on Boxhagener Platz and then started following J.Kinski on social. They have a very good taste from the design perspective, know how to promote their business online and treat customers really nicely.


First I went to try their desserts and I have to say that they are delicious! Next time decided to give a try to famous burgers. Famous, because J.Kinski is Organic Slow Fast Food with only BIO ingredients and all these fancy-hipster stuff.

I have ordered Veggie Cheese sandwich. If I’m not mistaken it is the only vegetarian sandwich, that they offer. They cooked it relatively fast and served in about 10 minutes. I’ve got something really good looking 🙂


I would really looooove to complement J.Kinski, but this sandwich was desperately bad. First of all, toasts were too crunchy and overdried – more like a rusk than bread. Secondly, it was awfully sour – felt like they just mixed mustard with vinegar. There were beetroot relish, mustard, onion and some cheese inside. Maybe it’s healthy, but for sure not tasty. I’m very sorry, guys, but I really hope that you will improve a vegetarian menu. Perhaps, sandwiches with meat taste much better.



Don’t order a veggie sandwich. I hope meat options are better. Because of all these bio-organic stuff – sandwiches are a bit too expensive. Try desserts – they are good. They serve breakfasts and it’s nice to sit outside.


Gabriel-Max-Straße 17
10245 Berlin

Opening hours: 

11:00 – 22:00 (everyday)




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