My Fhain. Indian restaurant Chai Ji

So, I continue exploring my neighbourhood. The next stop is the Indian restaurant. To be honest, I would never go there, because of a bit weird look. People on Foursquare say about this place as “cheesy” and “tacky” and I tend to agree. But don’t judge a book by its cover! 🙂 The reason why I decided to go there – is a lunch menu. They have a lot of options for a super appealing price – from 5.60 to 8-9 EUR. There are, I think, three vegetarian dishes and a big choice – with meat and chicken.


Chai Ji was pretty empty during the lunch time, so I took a first table that I liked. I immediately got a menu and waiters took an order super quick.


In a couple of minutes, I’ve got a plate with four types of dips with something like naan bread and … Indian beeeeerrr 😉 A few minutes later – vegetable soup.


I already felt not so hungry and a bit more happier after beer (which was tasty), so the appearance of the restaurant didn’t seem so strange anymore 🙂 In 5 minutes I’ve got a huge portion of rice and vegetables in a curry sauce. Everything was fresh, hot and tasty. I’ve paid less than 8 EUR for lunch with a beer and felt so full at the end.



Definitely worth visiting for lunch. Friendly and quick service, very nice price and good quality food.


Rigaer Str. 30
10247 Berlin

Opening hours:

11:30 – 23:00 (Sunday – Thursday)
11:30 – 00:00 (Friday – Saturday)



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