My Fhain. Mexican Restaurant and Bar Santa Maria Eastside

Time for Mexican kitchen! Yay! 🙂 I will start from the main topic: every Tuesday Santa Maria Eastside offers Taco Tuesday, where you pay only 1.5 EUR for tacos and 1.5 EUR for Tequila Shots. People know about this offer, so it’s always crowded on Tuesdays. This place is tiny and very cozy. There are a lot of English-speaking people and all waiters are speaking English as well.


On Tuesday you have 3 options of tacos: two with meat and one with a sweet potato.  The service is fast and tacos are quite small so you will not notice how you are ordering the next dish 🙂

From 19:00 they have a special offer for Margarita – you can get it for 5 EUR. We also ordered a quesadilla and it was good. There is not a lot to say about Santa Maria – the place is nice, service is good, food is tasty. I would call it more like a bar than a restaurant.


Good place with a tasty food.


Krossener Str. 18
10245 Berlin, Germany

Opening hours:

17:00 – 03:00 (Monday – Thursday)
11:30 – 03:00 (Friday – Sunday)





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