My Fhain. Burgerwehr

Oddly enough I love burgers. Of course, there are zillions of variants of burgers for vegetarians and vegans, but I still associate this dish with a meat. What I really love about Berlin Food Culture – is that you will never die either you are meat-eater, fish-eater, grass-eater, raw-eater or whatever-eater-on-earth!

So, yes, I was in a rush, and burgers (or pizzas) normally help me in such cases. Fast, tasty (if you are lucky :)) and nourishing. So I decided to stop by Burgerwehr.


First what caught my eye were waiters – they are true punks 🙂 Well, I was not so surprised because this place is located on Rigaer str. But, anyway, they are cute. There is a big menu with a lot of options of burgers. Each of them can be with chicken, beef, seitan (wheat meat) or halloumi.


I have ordered Medeterrian burger with seitan and took my place. There were not a lot of people and moreover they have two rooms – so it’s a plenty of space. It took less than 10 minutes to cook my order and I’ve got this:


The burger was okay: nothing special and I would say a bun was a bit too simple. But anyway, all ingredients are fresh and it tasted good. The price for burger varies from 5.40 to 8.90 EUR. You can also add fries and nachos.



Okay place for a quick bite.


Rigaer Str. 75
10247 Berlin

Opening hours: 

11:30 – 23:00 (Monday – Friday)
12:00 – 23:00 (Saturday – Sunday)



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